Artemis Pilates

menu of services

Private classes

One 50 Minute Private Class - $58

6 Privates Package $315 ($52.5 per session)

12 Privates Package $546 ($45.5 per session)

Semi-Private classes (Duets)

One 50 Minute Duet Class - $42

6 Duets Package - $210 ($35 per session)

12 Duets Package - $346 ($28.8 per session)

Special Offers

$30 for a 60-minute introductory private session (first time customers only)

$30 discount off any of the above pricing, if you refer a friend and they sign up for a 6 week package.

Calcellation Policy

Clients will be required to notify Artemis Pilates no later than the previous calendar day if they are unable to make a scheduled appointment. If notice is given the previous calendar day or earlier, the session may be rescheduled. Clients may reschedule up to two appointments within any six week period. If notice is not given in the time period specific herein, the client will be charged for a single session (in accordance with with the Artemis pricing schedule) OR forfeit 1 pre-paid session.